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Australian learns how Strava heat map reveals dangerous information from jogging US soldiers
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Australian learns how Strava heat map reveals dangerous information from jogging US soldiers Beirut: An interactive map posted on the internet that shows the whereabouts of people who use fitness Mortgage broker Oak Laurel Carseldine devices such as Fitbit also reveals highly sensitive information about the location and activities of soldiers at US military bases, in what appears to be a major security oversight. The Global Heat Map, published by the GPS tracking company Strava, uses satellite information to map the location and movements of subscribers to the company's fitness service over a two-year period by illuminating areas of activity. Strava says it has 27 million users around the world, including people who own widely available fitness devices such as Fitbit, Jawbone and Vitofit, as well as people who subscribe directly to its mobile phone application. The map is not live - rather it shows a pattern of accumulated activity between 2015 and September last year. Most parts of the United States and Europe, where millions of people use some form of fitness tracker, show up on the map as a blaze of light, because there is so much activity. A US platoon sergeant leads his men and women in a run along one of the perimeter fences for their daily physical training in the early hours of the morning in Qatar in a file picture. But in war zones and deserts such as Iraq and Syria, the heat map becomes almost entirely dark - except for a few scattered pinpricks of activity. Zooming in on those brings into focus the locations and outlines of known US military bases, as well as of other unknown and potentially sensitive sites - presumably because US soldiers and other personnel are using fitness trackers as they move around. Air Force Colonel John Thomas, a spokesman for US Central Command, said on Sunday the US military was looking into the implications of the map. The US military did not respond to a question about what the regulations are regarding the use of fitness tracking apps.

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